Preparation of Eng Docs for Upgrade of Sewer Pump Stations, Group 5

Due to the order to Shelter in Place, Addendum 1 is being issued to change the RFP due date.
The City of Alameda Public Works Department is seeking the services of qualified consultants to design and prepare complete construction documents for the upgrade of five (5) sanitary sewer pump stations based on the recommendations of the City's consultant, Schaaf & Wheeler Consulting Civil Engineers' reports - "Alameda Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Assessment Report" dated June 2010, the original Sewer Pump Station As-Built Plans and the Hydraulic Analysis Report, dated May 2010.  Construction support for the construction phase of this project will also be required.

Proposal Due Date and Delivery

Three (3) sealed copies of the proposal, clearly marked with the project description, should be submitted no later than 2:00 p.m. on April 16, 2020 to the address below.  All copies received by that time will be date and time stamped.  Proposals will not be accepted after this time.  FAXed or electronic proposals will not accepted.  Hand carried proposals will be accepted.

Proposals should be addressed to:

City Hall West
Public Works Department
950 West Mall Square, Room 110
Alameda, CA  94501
Attention: Shilpa Patel, Assistant Engineer

Important Dates (REVISED 3/19/2020 - SEE ADDENDUM 1 BELOW)

Proposal Due Date: April 16, 2020
Notification of Short List Status and Request for Interviews: April 27, 2020
Selection Interviews: May 4, 2020
Award of Agreement: June 16, 2020
Projected Agreement Start Date: July 1, 2020

View and Download:

Addendum 1(PDF, 187KB) issued 03/19/2020
Addendum 2(PDF, 231KB) issued 3/25/2020

RFP Sewer Pump Stations, Group 5  Click here(PDF, 133KB)

Exhibit A - Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Assessment Report  Click here(PDF, 22MB)
Exhibit A - Appendix H  Click here(PDF, 11MB)
Exhibit B - Original As-Builts  Click here(PDF, 6MB)
Exhibit C - Completed Safety and Reliability Improvements 1 of 2  Click here(PDF, 11MB)
Exhibit C - Completed Safety and Reliability Improvements 2 of 2  Click here(PDF, 37MB)
Exhibit D - BFI Original As Builts 1 of 2  Click here(PDF, 2MB)
Exhibit D - BFI Remodel As Builts 2 of 2  Click here(PDF, 22MB)
Exhibit E - Site Survey  Click here(PDF, 250KB)
Exhibit F - Hydraulic Model Analysis Final Report  Click here(PDF, 41MB)
Exhibit G - Eighth and Portola Pump Station Relocation  Click here(PDF, 4MB)