Public Art Requirement

Nautilus.jpg The Public Art Ordinance requires that major development projects include on-site public art, or pay a fee in-lieu of providing the art on-site.

What kind of project is subject to this requirement? 

Public Art Policy Guidelines:

The Public Art Ordinance requires commercial, industrial, and municipal development projects costing $250,000 or more as well as residential projects with five (5) or more units costing $250,000 or more to devote one percent (1%) of building development costs for public art in Alameda. This 1% is known as the Program Allocation.

Fulfillment Options:

  • On-Site Installation: Install public art on-site with a value meeting or exceeding the Program Allocation.
  • In-Lieu Contribution: Contribute an amount equal to the Program Allocation to the Fund for public art development.
  • Combination: Install On-Site Artwork with a value less than 100% of Program Allocation and pay the remaining balance as an In-Lieu Contribution.


Questions and Public Art Mailing List

If you have any questions please contact Walker Toma at 510-747-6897 or

If you would like to join our public art mailing list please visit and select “Public Art Commission + Information” under “Agendas for City Council, Boards and Commissions.”