Housing and Human Services


The Housing and Human Services (HHS) Division of the City Manager’s Office facilitates the preservation, rehabilitation and construction of affordable housing in Alameda; supports residents who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by providing services and shelter, as well as offering flexible funding; implements the affordable housing requirements of the City’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance; manages grants that support the construction of new affordable housing; and collaborates with  community and social service providers whose programs preserve safety net services for low-income residents, including, but not limited to children, youth, seniors and persons with disabilities. HHS staff also support the Social Service Human Relations Board (SSHRB) and the Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth and their Families (ACCYF).



Launch is currently accepting applications for available studios, junior one-bedroom, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Call (510) 995-2994 for more information.

In addition to viewing listings that are posted by local property management companies, check out the resources below:

  • The Alameda County Housing & Community Development Department also maintains a list of affordable housing opportunities that are available at https://housing.acgov.org/. Please continue to check the website for available housing opportunities.

  • The Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) maintains the Doorway Housing Portal: https://housingbayarea.mtc.ca.gov/. The portal provides a central place for housing seekers to find and apply for affordable housing throughout the Bay Area.

  • For affordable housing that may be offered for rent in the City of Alameda or when the waiting list might be opened to accept applications in the future, please sign up on the Housing Authority’s mailing list at: https://www.alamedahsg.org/about-us/news/

  • Contact Eden Information and Referral for information about housing and other services that may be available by calling 2-1-1 or visiting their web site at: http://211alamedacounty.org/


The City of Alameda funds and oversees the Inclusionary Housing Program, often referred to as the Below Market Rate (BMR) Program. Below is a link to the manual that describes the program guidelines and processing procedures for the BMR Rentals program. These guidelines shall be updated from time to time and are subject to final interpretation by the City. 

Please click here(PDF, 383KB) to view Alameda's Inclusionary Housing Rental Guidelines.


The State of California Prohousing Designation Program (PDP), established in 2019, creates financial incentives for jurisdictions that are compliant with state housing laws, Housing Element requirements, and have enacted local policies that facilitate housing production.  The PDP is overseen by the California State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).  This January HCD announced Round 2 of Prohousing Incentive Program (PIP) Funds for local government as "over the counter" grants to automatically receive a share of available funding.  HCD is encouraging cities with compliant Housing Elements, such as the City of Alameda (City), to apply.  The Round 2 PIP funds are anticipated to benefit the Alameda Housing Authority (Housing Authority) in subsidizing their affordable housing projects currently in development.  Staff recommends City Council authorize the City Manager to apply for the PDP and execute pertinent documents. 

Resolution 16140(PDF, 185KB)

Draft Prohousing Designation Application(PDF, 218KB)

2024 PDP Application Preliminary Review Responses(PDF, 780KB)

The City of Alameda is one of eight jurisdictional members of the Alameda County HOME Consortium. As the lead agency for the Consortium, Alameda County coordinates long-range planning and annual applications to HUD for both Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding. While HOME funds are administered by Alameda County on behalf of the participating jurisdictions, CDBG funds are directly awarded to some of the participating jurisdictions, including Alameda, as annual “entitlement” funds.

Click here to learn more about CDBG and HOME programs.

Click here for more information on our Programs and Services Addressing Homelessness.


Below is a list of resources that are available to you as you prepare for homeownership. There are a number of housing counseling agencies that offer classes for first-time homebuyers that can be found on the websites, https://hud4.my.site.com/housingcounseling and https://www.homeownershipsf.org/.  Following are additional resources:


  1. Learn about the homebuying process through online education for first-time homebuyers, such as: https://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/201503_cfpb_your-home-loan-toolkit-web.pdfand https://mgic.com/training/homebuyer-education-options
  2. Get pre-approved by a lender (bank, credit union, mortgage broker) to find out how much you can afford and if there are any steps that you should be taking now to prepare for homeownership in the future
  3. Build savings (check out: https://americasaves.org/ and https://www.mymoney.gov/)
  4. Pay your bills on time and reduce debt
  5. Review your credit report for free each year at https://annualcreditreport.com
  6. Get to know the market/how much properties sell for by researching your options. Websites like redfin.com, zillow.com, fanniemae.com can be a good place to start gathering information.


To obtain information about homes that are offered through the City of Alameda’s Inclusionary Housing Program in Alameda, please sign up for the City’s mailing list:

  1. Visit https://www.alamedaca.gov/RESIDENTS/Subscribe
  2. Select “Affordable homeownership interest list
  3. Sign up for any other lists of interest on the City of Alameda website
  4. Enter your email address and follow the steps to be added


The Alameda County Housing & Community Development Department offers a Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program that is administered by Hello Housing. DPA funds are to help first-time homebuyers with the purchase of a home in Alameda County. Check out www.acboost.org or call (510) 500-8840 for more information about down payment assistance. Please sign up at https://www.hellohousing.org/stay_connected/ to be notified when the next application period becomes available for this program.


CalHFA provides low interest rate home financing as well as down payment and closing cost assistance to low- to moderate-income homebuyers in California. CalHFA offers its loan products through a network of loan officers and mortgage brokers. For more information, please ask your loan officer or visit https://www.calhfa.ca.gov/homeownership/


The City of Alameda funds and oversees the Inclusionary Housing Program, often referred to as the Below Market Rate (BMR) Program. Below is a link to the manual that describes the program guidelines and processing procedures for the BMR program. These guidelines shall be updated from time to time and are subject to final interpretation by the City. 

Please click here(PDF, 363KB) to view Alameda's Inclusionary Housing Homeownership Guidelines. 


The Housing Rehabilitation Programs offers low-interest loans and grants to eligible homeowners in Alameda. Rental property owners, whose units are occupied by 51% or more low income renters, are also eligible for low-interest loans to make repairs and qualified property improvements. Senior and disabled households may be eligible for additional assistance. Staff provides technical assistance evaluating the unit and recommends a scope of work. Support is given during the bid process and continues during the construction phases of the project. This assistance is provided as a no-cost program benefit. Rehabilitation staff has technical skills and experience to help your project progress from need to completion.

Rental Rehabilitation Program

The Rental Rehabilitation Program The Rental Rehabilitation Program provides loans at 2% interest to landlords who rehabilitate rental property in Alameda. The majority (at least 51%) of the households in the structure must be low income, and the majority of the units must be two-bedrooms or larger with rents not in excess of Payment Standards

View Rental Rehabilitation Guidelines(PDF, 142KB) 

Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Housing Rehabilitation Program helps low-income Alameda homeowners repair and improve their homes. Income limits are determined by HUD. Low-interest loans are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and can be used to correct substandard and/or health and safety conditions (including lead-based paint hazards), to extend energy conservation, or to repair or replace major systems in danger of failure.

View Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines(PDF, 165KB) 

Minor Home Repair Program

The Minor Home Repair Program provides grants of up to $2,000 for emergency repairs to health, safety and security items, or minor repairs of carpentry, plumbing, heating, and electrical items. This program is available to low-income Alameda homeowners on a first-come, first-served basis. Income limits are determined by HUD. 

View Minor Home Repair Program Guidelines(PDF, 626KB)

Substantial Rehabilitation Program

The Substantial Rehabilitation Program provides below market-rate loans to Alameda property owners to create new affordable rental units in vacant or underutilized space in existing structures. Grants of up to $15,000 for preliminary design services are available to help owners determine the feasibility of new unit development before proceeding with the rehabilitation project. In exchange for below market-rate loans, property owners commit to rent the new units to Housing Choice Voucher Program tenants for 15 years. 

View Substantial Rehabilitation Program Guidelines(PDF, 587KB)

Soft Story Structural Assessment Grant

The Soft Story Structural Assessment Grant for Rental Units Program (Program) provides financial assistance to residential rental property owners (Owner) to assess their soft story structure without passing the costs through to tenants. At least 51% of the units in the building must be occupied by low- and moderate-income households. Grants of up to $5,000 are available to offset engineering fees required to produce a report acceptable to the Building Department for review.

Participation in this Program also provides eligibility for Rental Rehabilitation Loan Program funds to assist in the cost to retrofit the structure, subject to funding availability and eligibility criteria above. Please contact Lisa Fitts, Housing and Human Services Manager, for additional information or an application. 

View Soft Story Structural Assessment Grant Guidelines(PDF, 148KB)

Housing Safety Program 

The Housing Safety Program is a FREE program providing much needed services to low-to-moderate income residents over the age of 62 and persons with disabilities any age.  The Program installs 10-year tamper resistant smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as ADA grab bars and interior handrails.  Free nightlights, flashlights and grab sticks are offered as well.


Renew AC is a new home improvement loan assistance program for low-income homeowners throughout the County. Administered by Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley, Renew AC aims to help keep existing homeowners in their homes, and maintain existing housing stock in a safe, livable condition.

To learn more or apply, visit www.RenewAC.org or contact Habitat for Humanity's Home Repair program:

Habitat for Humanity-East Bay | Silicon Valley
Home Repair Hotline:     510-803-3388
E-mail:                  Homerepair@habitatebsv.org
Address:              2619 Broadway, Oakland 94612
Website:              https://www.habitatebsv.org

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Community Outreach Specialist
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