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Welcome to the website of the Alameda Fire Department. You will find personnel, statistical, and departmental information. Check our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to questions you might have. We welcome your questions and feedback!

The members of the Alameda Fire Department are honored to be of service to the community. We strive at every level to provide excellent customer service and professional, compassionate care.

Department Head

Rodriguez, Edmond - Headshot.JPG

Edmond A. Rodriguez

Chief Rodriguez became our Fire Chief in 2017. Previous experience includes 5 years as Fire Chief for the City of Salinas, and 24 years with the Stockton, CA Fire Department. Chief Rodriguez holds degrees in Exec Fire Service Leadership, Fire Science & Nursing, and California Paramedic license. He is a graduate of the Exec Fire Officer (EFO) Program, and is a Certified California Fire Chief.

The City of Alameda Fire Department is an organization of 117 dedicated, community service-oriented people who serve Alameda residents and visitors. Click here to learn more!


In addition to emergency response, the Fire Department's involvement with the community has grown into a model for Public Safety.

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Emergency responses include fire suppression, emergency medical incidents, hazardous materials threats, and various technical rescue incidents. Click Here


Click here to learn more about Prevention, Permits, and Inspections. 

All Call Data

All CallData Calendar Year 2018 Calendar Year 2019
YTD 09/30
Calls to Dispatch 7,554 5,722
Calls where Alameda Fire was Available and Dispatched 7,087 5,483
Total Apparatus Responses 15,663 12,140
Average Response Time 4:20 4:35
Fire Calls 144 132
Apparatus Responses for Fire Calls 577 443
EMS Calls 4,962 3,802
Apparatus Responses for EMS Calls 11,136 8,564
Other Calls 1,981 1,549
Apparatus Responses for Other Calls 3,950 3,133
*Call volume and apparatus response totals include calls outside Alameda


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