Cross Alameda Trail Overall

CAT planning map_BWA_July 2022

The Cross Alameda Trail (CAT) is envisioned as a premiere cross-town, low-stress four-mile bicycling and walking corridor that will connect the west side of the island to the east, from the Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point to the Miller-Sweeney (Fruitvale) Bridge. The CAT is being built in segments, with many segments built and more in the design or construction phase.


Cross Alameda Trail by bike
May 7, 2022
Video by Maurice Ramirez

From WEST to EAST 

Ferry Point (Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal to West Atlantic Ave) - 0.3 miles completed in 2021

Complete! The western terminus of the CAT, along Ferry Point from the new Sea Plane Lagoon Ferry Terminal to West Atlantic was completed as a walking promenade and protected two-way cycle track in 2021.

Site A on West Atlantic Ave (Ferry Point to Main Street) - 0.3 miles completed in 2020

Complete! This segment was built by developers, as part of the Site A development and was completed in 2020.

Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway/Atlantic Ave (Main Street to Constitution Way) - 0.9 miles completed in 2020

Complete! In February 2020, this segment opened with separate walking, bicycling and jogging paths in an abandoned railroad right-of-way along Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway (RAMP) from Main Street to Webster Street, along with one short city block along Atlantic between Webster Street and Constitution Way with sidewalks and separated two-way bicycle lanes on the south side of this short urban block.

Enhancement in Progress: The City designed and is installing additional traffic signal upgrades for all five intersections in this corridor, which will make bicycling and walking safer and more convenient. Construction is expected in 2024.

More Info: Project web page

Jean Sweeney Open Space Park (Constitution Way to Sherman St) - 0.6 miles completed in 2018

Complete! In December 2018, separate walking and biking paths were opened through Jean Sweeney Open Space Park at the same time as the park opened to the public.

Enhancement In Progress: In 2021, the City received grant funding for construction of four new connector trails to this segment from the following streets: Eighth Street, Wood Street, Challenger Drive, Triumph Drive. These new connectors were designed in 2022/23 and will be constructed in 2024. The major grant funding sources include Alameda County's transportation sales tax - Measure B and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's TFCA County Program Manager funds.

Clement Ave Extension next to Del Monte (Sherman St to Entrance Rd) - 0.26 miles completed in June 2022

Complete! Construction of a new roadway with sidewalks and separated, two-way bicycle lanes on the north side of the street is underway by the Del Monte housing developer. The facilities will be opened to the public in June 2022.

Clement Ave (Entrance Rd to Ohlone Way) - 0.2 miles completed in 2017

Complete! This was the first segment of the Cross Alameda Trail to be completed, with sidewalks and two-way separated bike lanes on the north side of the street. It was built by the developer of the adjacent housing development and opened in 2017.

Clement Ave Extension at Pennzoil Property (Ohlone Way to Grand St) - 0.15 miles in progress

In Progress: Pennzoil, the former owner of the property that will include the Clement Avenue extension between Hibbard Street and Grand Avenue, closed its business in 2020, and completed its environmental cleanup in 2021. The property was purchased for developing new housing and the City approved the project with the inclusion of the extension of Clement Ave, with sidewalks and two-way separated bicycle lanes, to be constructed as part of the project. The housing developer is expected to complete the Clement Ave Extension, and separated bike lanes along Clement to Ohlone Way, in 2025.

Clement Avenue (Grand St to Broadway)  - 1.2 miles in progress/partially built 

In Progress: The project will construct the Cross Alameda Trail in the street right-of-way. In 2021, the 0.4 mile segment from Grand to Willow was mostly completed by the developer of the Alameda Marina housing development. Construction of the eastern 0.7 mile segment to Broadway, plus the remaining enhancements to the existing portion built in 2021, will be completed in 2024.

More info: Project web page

Clement Avenue/Tilden Way (Broadway to Fruitvale Bridge) - 0.2 miles in progress 

In Progress:  The project uses the abandoned railroad right-of-way along the eastern terminus of Clement Avenue and Tilden Way to extend the Cross Alameda Trail between Broadway and the Miller-Sweeney (Fruitvale) Bridge. The City acquired the former Union Pacific Railroad property along the western edge of Tilden Way in October in 2021. In 2023a concept plan was approved by the City Council. Construction is expected to be completed by 2024/25.

More info: Project web page

Miller-Sweeney (Fruitvale) Bridge - 0.1 miles unbuilt/in progress

In Progress: The long term recommendation is for separated biking and walking facilities across the waterway. In the interim, bicycle lanes will be added to the bridge by 2024.


  • City Council approved the General Plan - Recreation and Parks Element policy directing staff to "Develop a continuous greenway, east of Main Street...The greenway should include a tree belt and paths for walking, running and biking."



  • City Council approved the Transportation Element of the General Plan policy that directs staff to "Pursue opportunities to utilize the corridor of the former Alameda Belt Line railroad for transit, bicycle and pedestrian transportation."


  • City acquired the former railroad property - Alameda Beltline (Main Street to Sherman Street)


  • See trail segment descriptions (in tab above) and project specific web pages