Cross Alameda Trail Overall

CAT planning map_BWA_2021-12-23.jpg

The City of Alameda’s Cross Alameda Trail (CAT) is envisioned as a premiere cross-town, low-stress four-mile bicycling and walking corridor that will connect the west side of the island to the east, from the Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point to the Miller-Sweeney (Fruitvale) Bridge. The CAT is being built in segments, with many segment in the design or construction phase, and some completed.


  • City Council approved the General Plan - Recreation and Parks Element policy directing staff to "Develop a continuous greenway, east of Main Street...The greenway should include a tree belt and paths for walking, running and biking."



  • City Council approved the Transportation Element of the General Plan policy that directs staff to "Pursue opportunities to utilize the corridor of the former Alameda Belt Line railroad for transit, bicycle and pedestrian transportation."


  • March: City acquired the former railroad property - Alameda Beltline (Main Street to Sherman Street).

2013 - 2019

  • City applied for and received grant funding for the RAMP and JSOSP segments


  • Transportation Commission/Planning Board approval of preliminary design for RAMP


  • Develop soil remediation plan for CAT RAMP.


  • City Council approval of CAT Atlantic Gap project design concept


  • Award contract for construction of CAT RAMP and CAT Atlantic Gap


  • Construction began on CAT RAMP and CAT Atlantic Gap. Press release


See project specific pages for public meetings associated with each segment.