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The Police Department has 88 sworn officers and 33 non-sworn full-time personnel and is responsible for protecting the City’s residents, property owners and businesses. The department fosters a problem-solving, community policing philosophy and works collaboratively with policymakers, the City Manager’s Office, and the community to address problems of crime and property damage.

Under the leadership of Interim Chief Randy Fenn the Alameda Police Department is organized into the Bureau of Operations and the Bureau of Services. Operations include the Patrol Division, Traffic Division and Investigations Division; Services include both Technical and Administrative services.

Department Head

Randy Fenn

Interim Chief of Police, Randy Fenn

Chief Fenn began his career with Concord PD in 1991. After working a myriad of assignments, he promoted to sergeant in 2001. In 2006 he worked as a division commander for Truckee PD. In 2012, he became the lieutenant for Fairfield PD, ultimately becoming Fairfield PD's chief of police in 2017. In 2020, Chief Fenn honorably retired. On Oct. 5, 2020, he became Alameda PD's interim chief of police.

Under the leadership of Chief Randy Fenn, the Alameda Police Department is organized into the Bureau of Operations and the Bureau of Services. Operations includes the Patrol Division, Traffic Division and Investigations Division; Services includes both Technical and Administrative services.

Bureau of Operations  Bureau of Services 
Statement of Values   Vision Statement 
Alameda Police Policy Manual(PDF, 2MB)

Patrol Layout

The Alameda Police Department's patrol layout is based on a five sector system. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, officers are assigned to patrol the five sectors. At any given time of day or night, there are typically one to four officers assigned to each sector. When daily emergency and non-emergency calls are made to the police department, the Communication Center will assign them to the patrol officers. Patrol officers are responsible for handling these calls for service with the primary area of focus being their assigned patrol sector during their shift.

The Alameda Police Department is committed to transparency and open communication. Below, please find convenient access to the Alameda Police Department's current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials, per Senate Bill 978.

Comprehensive Policy Review
Public Safety Dispatcher Training Program(PDF, 3MB) Field Training Guide(PDF, 4MB)
Alameda Police Department Policy Manual(PDF, 2MB)
Sergeant Training Program(PDF, 128KB)
Training Bulletins(PDF, 26MB)

Police Officer

As a Police Officer with APD you will have the opportunity to work in the following specialized areas: K9, Motors/Traffic Enforcement, Violent Crimes, Property Crimes, Special Investigations, Internal Affairs, Personnel and Training, Harbor Patrol, Peer Support, Critical Incident Response Team (which includes SWAT and Crisis Negotiations), School Resource Officer, Housing Authority Officer, and Honor Guard.

Lateral Police Officers Academy Graduates 

Entry Level (Non-Academy Grad)


We are not currently accepting applications for our Police Dispatcher positions. If you would like to be notified when these positions become available, subscribe for future dispatcher opportunities.

Additional Opportunities

For more information on current part-time employment opportunities at Alameda Police, please visit our online job board or subscribe below for future notifications:

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The City of Alameda is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The City of Alameda encourages minorities, women and the disabled to apply. It is the City's policy that all aspects of employment and promotion shall be without regard to sex, marital status or disability (except where dictated by requirements of the position), race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religious creed, color, national origin or age. Qualified disabled persons must be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodations. No individual may pose a direct threat to the health or safety of himself/herself or other individuals in the workplace. Barring undue hardship, reasonable accommodations can be made in the application and examination process for disabled individuals or for religious reasons. Requests for reasonable accommodation should be made in advance to the Human Resources Department. Hearing Impaired TDD (510) 522-7538.

Part of the Services Division, the Records Unit, is responsible for all reports that are generated by the Department. The Records Unit is the repository, retrieval, and record management center for all critical incident reports and warrants in the City of Alameda. 

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.



File an Online Report  Request an Incident Report
Pay or Contest Citation Towed Vehicles 
Crime Stats Request Adult Clearance Letter

The Alameda Police Department is often the first point of contact for a variety of concerns and in that role, we strive to help people connect to the appropriate community resources. There are many resources available in the city and county of Alameda; hopefully, those included on this site will offer you a good starting point. 

Community Resources

The Alameda Police Department provides several resources, assistance programs, and commonly used Social Service programs for a variety of topics including – child custody, civil matters, court information, domestic violence, emergency preparedness, food, homelessness, housing, legal assistance, medical services, mental health, restraining orders, substance abuse, senior citizen resources, and veterans. 

Community Resources(PDF, 78KB) Social Services Resources(PDF, 195KB)

Domestic Violence Resources 

The police and the legal system are becoming more and more active in their efforts to stop domestic violence. It is illegal to physically abuse someone, even if that person is your partner or a family member. Information and resources for victims, survivors, and offenders are available through the Alameda Police Department. Additional resources and victim's rights are available through Marsy's Law in 20 languages. 

Domestic Violence Resources (PDF, 277KB) Marsy's Law Resource Card

Mental Health Resources

The Alameda Police Department provides a number of mental health care resources in an effort to connect community members, their families, and/or caregivers to available services in Alameda County.

Mental Health Resources(PDF, 344KB)

Hate Crimes Resources

In an effort to support victims, the Attorney General's victim services is available to provide support and information to victims and their families. 

Hate Crimes: Victims' Services

The City of Alameda is dedicated to keeping a safe, clean environment for you and your pet, and providing excellent care for lost and abandoned animals. 

The City has one full-time and one part-time Animal Control Officer. Currently, an animal control officer is on duty Wednesday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.  They have jurisdiction from Alameda Point to Harbor Bay Parkway and everything in between, including Coast Guard Island. The Animal Control Officers enforce the laws of the City. They pick up stray animals, patrols the streets, parks, and beaches, and removes animal carcasses. They also respond to barking dog complaints, aggressive animals, and bite incidents. They are always ready and willing to offer advice on responsible pet ownership.

To report a stray, aggressive, injured, deceased animal; or an animal bite, at all times please contact Alameda Police dispatch at (510) 337-8340.

If you would like to leave a message or discuss an on-going issue with animal control, please contact (510) 337-8562 or aonesko@alamedaca.gov.

Animal Services  City Pet Ordinances  Wildlife Resources

The Alameda Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit engages with the community to educate residents and businesses on crime trends, provide crime prevention tips, works with the City’s youth, facilitates police department programs, participates in community engagements, and supports crime watch groups throughout the City.

Citizen Programs & Crime Prevention Tips

 APD Memorial 1 (2).jpg

The Alameda Police Department has had two police officers killed in the line of duty. The City honored both officers by naming streets after them. The Alameda Police Officer's Association, with the support of the City of Alameda, has constructed a permanent memorial site to honor their sacrifice for this community. The Memorial provides a space for public remembrance in front of the Police Administration Building.

Deward Burton Gresham


Deward Burton Gresham Deward Burton Gresham was killed in a motorcycle accident on July 11, 1942. He was attempting to make a traffic stop on his police motorcycle when another vehicle pulled in front of him. Officer Gresham suffered a fatal head injury as a result of the collision. He was 33   years old at the time and had been with the Alameda Police Department for three years.


Robert James Davey, Jr.

 rdj_web.jpgRobert James Davey, Jr. Robert James Davey, Jr. was killed during the service of a search warrant on March 3, 1983. He died from injuries sustained by gunfire fired by the suspect who attempted to escape Alameda police officers. Officer Davey was also 33 years old at the time and had been with the Alameda Police Department for ten years. He left behind his wife and their four children. This project was funded primarily by private donations.

Command Staff


Units & Services

Interim Chief of Police                             Anonymous Tip Line
Randy Fenn                             337-8450
337-8300 | rfenn@alamedaca.gov                            
                            Abandoned Vehicle Unit
Services Captain                             337-8587
Jeffery Emmitt                            
337-8400 | jemmitt@alamedaca.gov                             Animal Control
Operations Captain                            
Matt McMullen                             Animal Shelter
337-8500 | mmcmullen@alamedaca.gov                             337-8565
Services Lieutenant                             Crime Prevention (COPPS) Unit
Ryan Derespini                             337-8305
337-8518 | rderespi@alamedaca.gov                            


                            Inspectional Services
Patrol Lieutenant - Sectors 1 & 5                             337-8479
Brian Foster                            
337-8339 | bfoster@alamedaca.gov                             Investigations - Property Crimes
Patrol Lieutenant - Sectors 2                            
Darin Tsujimoto                             Investigations - Violent Crimes
337-8327 | dtsujimoto@alamedaca.gov                             337-8350
Patrol Lieutenant - Sectors 3 & 4                             Live Scan Appointments
Josh Crossley                             337-8439
337-8377 | jcrossley@alamedaca.gov                            
                            Personnel & Training
Investigations Lieutenant                             337-8440
Erik Klaus                            
337-8524 | eklaus@alamedaca.gov                             Parking Citations
                            Property and Evidence
                            Records Department
                            Registration Appointments
(arson, drug, & sex registrants)
                            Special Investigations Unit
 (narcotics, human trafficking, etc.)
                                 Traffic Section