Pet Ordinances

License and Vaccination- 7-3.1/7-3.4
All dogs and cats residing in Alameda (4 months or older) must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed by the City of Alameda.

Number of Dogs- 7-3.7
No more than three (3) dogs per household.

Control of Feces-7.3.9b
Animal owners must remove animal feces from public and private property.

Dogs must be leashed and under control in public parks.

Dogs must be kept confined to owner's yard or under control on leash.

No dogs allowed on beach.

Barking Dog-7-3.10
Excessive uncontrolled barking. Please Note: An officer must witness the excessive barking for at least 10 consecutive min in order to issue a citation.  If the dog owners are not home, the Animal Control Officer will issue a "notice to comply" and do follow-ups.