Wildlife Resources

Preventing Unwanted Wildlife

From time to time, you might encounter unwanted wildlife on your property. Make sure you are not making your home an attractive place for unwanted guests:

  • Secure garbage bins and composts
  • Don't leave fallen fruit on the ground
  • Eliminate seed spillage from bird feeders
  • Feed pets inside only

Resources for Orphaned or Injured Wildlife

 If you need help with an orphaned or injured wild animal and cannot reach City of Alameda animal control, please contact one of the following wildlife rehabilitation facilities.

Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital, Walnut Creek, (925) 935-1978

Ohlone Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Fremont, (510) 797-9449

Sulpher Creek Nature Center, Hayward, (510) 881-6747. $30 donation suggested

WildCare, San Rafael, (415) 456-SAVE (7283)

Be sure to call ahead before you take an animal to one of these facilities so the wildlife experts can help you determine whether an animal really needs your help.

For more tips on living with wildlife, check out these pages:

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley (link is external)

Hayward Area Recreation & Parks District (link is external)

Baby Birds

Baby birds that are mostly feathered but cannot fly are called fledglings. After leaving the nest, fledglings spend about a week hopping on the ground and perching in low bushes while their feathers finish growing in. Their parents are nearby and periodically swoop in to feed them. Unless a fledgling is in direct danger (such as being stalked by a cat or trying to cross a busy road), it does not need rescuing.

(Note: If you have touched a baby bird, just put it back where you found it. The parents will not reject it; this is a myth. In fact, birds have a poor sense of smell.)