Lincoln Avenue/Marshall Way/Pacific Avenue Safety Improvements

The City has identified the Lincoln Avenue/Marshall Way/Pacific Avenue corridor between Alameda Point at Main Street/Central Avenue and Broadway in the east end of town as a high priority for safety and operational improvements.  City staff is working with Parisi Transportation Consulting to develop a work scope, schedule and budget for a corridor safety project.

Existing Conditions: The corridor connects neighborhoods across Alameda, and is over three miles long.  It serves multiple destinations including schools, commercial districts, parks and places of worship.  It is also a high injury corridor with several high crash intersections according to the City's Vision Zero Action Plan.

Project Description: This project will develop a design concept for the corridor by evaluating the current uses, traffic patterns, intersection controls and crash data.  The design also will draw on recommendations from the Draft Active Transpiration Plan, and will comply with the City's existing plans and policies.  Community involvement will be a priority, as the roadway serves many different users.  The final design and implementation will likely be phased in over time, as street sections are resurfaced and intersection improvements are constructed with grant funding.  The work scope is expected to consider a road diet, which has the potential to reduce collisions by up to 47 percent when going from four to three lanes with a center turn lane and bikeways.  Another potential countermeasure that will be considered are roundabouts, which reduce fatal and severe injury collisions by 80-90 percent compared to traffic signals or all-way stops, and could be considered where ample space exists such as the Lincoln Avenue/Constitution Way intersection.

Email List/Project Correspondence: To receive Lincoln Avenue/Marshall Way/Pacific Avenue Safety Improvement project updates via email, send an email to Gail Payne, Senior Transportation Coordinator, City of Alameda:  Please direct questions or concerns to Gail Payne by phone at (510) 747-6892 or by email at

Project Goals

For the Lincoln Avenue/Marshall Way/Pacific Avenue Safety Improvements, the City seeks to:

  • Promote safety by prioritizing Vision Zero
  • Provide mobility for all modes, including AC Transit buses
  • Comply with City plans & policies


The City staff/consultant team will consider various countermeasures to improve safety and operations such as daylighting and roundabouts as described more below.

Improved Sightlines ("Daylighting")

What is it?

  • Daylighting is a simple improvement that makes everyone on the street easier to see.  It requires creating short ‘no-parking’ zones at curbs in front of intersection crosswalks to give drivers and pedestrians better view each other at crosswalks.
What are the benefits of daylighting?
  • Improves drivers’ view of people waiting at crosswalks, particularly children or people in wheelchairs who may otherwise be blocked by parked cars.
  • Improves the visibility between pedestrians and drivers making turns.
  • Improves pedestrians’ view of approaching cars and allows them to make eye contact with drivers from the sidewalk.



Roundabouts reduce the types of crashes where people are seriously hurt or killed by up to 90 percent when compared to conventional stop-controlled and signalized intersections.  Roundabouts result in lower vehicle speeds around the roundabout.  Crashes that occur will be less severe because of this reduced speed and the more “sideswipe” nature of crashes.  Pedestrians are generally safer at roundabouts, and are faced with simpler decisions at a time. Videos and presentations on roundabouts are as follows:


  • December: Project kick-off with City staff, consultant and key stakeholders


  • April: Community outreach on the existing conditions and preliminary options being considered to improve the safety and operations of the Lincoln Avenue/Marshall Way/Pacific Avenue corridor
  • Summer/Fall: Preliminary findings of consultant team
  • Late: Concept approval by Transportation Commission and City Council



  • Jan 12: Love Elementary School PTA meeting - presentation(PDF, 6MB)
  • April: Community outreach is expected on the existing conditions and preliminary options being considered for the Lincoln Avenue/Marshall Way/Pacific Avenue corridor