Shop Local 2023!

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Shop Local 2023

Reasons to Support Alameda Businesses:

Keep My Sales Tax Dollars Here in Alameda
Keeping sales tax dollars in Alameda helps to provide for needed City services. Part of the sales tax on goods and services bought in Alameda goes to the City’s General Fund, which pays for police and fire protection, street repairs, parks and recreation, libraries, and other City services. 

Contribute to a Healthy Environment by Minimizing Car Travel
Because Alameda merchants are right here in vibrant, compact, walkable shopping districts, residents save on gas and reduce their carbon footprint.

Support Local Jobs and Local Merchants
Many Alameda merchants are self-employed and hire primarily local residents.  Local business owners often live in our community and are invested in our community’s future.  They need our continued support as they regain their footing post-pandemic.

Strengthen Our Sense of Community
Local businesses build strong neighborhoods and contribute more to community projects, nonprofit organizations, fundraising efforts, and local causes.  Many locally owned businesses have become favorite gathering places or destinations in the community with broad and loyal customer base. Their success helps to attract other quality businesses to Alameda.

Keep Alameda’s Small Town Atmosphere
Our independent, locally owned stores offer a distinctive shopping experience, stock unique products, and create a genuine sense of place. Our local merchants provide better, personalized customer service and have a higher level of knowledge about their products and services.

Shopping in Alameda is Fun
We are fortunate to have beautiful, historic buildings lining our main streets, with many well-known and well-loved locally owned restaurants and stores.  Shopping locally means you are supporting local businesses as well as the larger community.  Be proud to shop local!




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  • Encourage friends, neighbors, and family to spend local. Retailers, restaurants, and businesses depend on local support. Local businesses provide income and jobs for local residents, and are an integral part of our economy. Spend local and support our community. 
  • Buy Alameda eGift Cards to Local Retailers. This Alameda-only gift card is great way to give while supporting local retailers. Tip: this is a fantastic link to send to grandparents and relatives who are looking for family gift ideas, but may live far away.


Click on the link to view this year's Mayor's proclamation recognizing Small Business Saturday.