Sogorea Te’ Land Trust Shuumi Land Tax

In June 2021, the Alameda City Council voted to pay in Shuumi Tax in the amount of $11,000 per year for the next two years as part of the City’s two year budget. Alameda is the first city to pay Shuumi Land Tax.


What is the Shuumi Land Tax and why is it important?

  • Shuumi is a Chochenyo word for gift. This is a way for non-Indigenous people to participate in the rematriation of land to Indigenous people. Rematriation includes returning Indigenous land to Indigenous people, establishing a cemetery to reinter Indigenous remains, and building gardens and ceremonial spaces for Indigenous people who live in the Bay Area.
  • It’s important to pay Shuumi Land Tax because as a resident of Alameda, you live on traditional Ohlone land where Indigenous people thrived for thousands of years. The Ohlone people today have no land to call their own, are not federally recognized, and therefore do not have access to federal benefits for housing, education, and more. Despite generations of colonization, the Ohlone people are resilient and have survived and live throughout the Bay Area. It’s also important to pay a meaningful amount of Shuumi Land Tax and give it every year to support the local Lisjan and broader Ohlone communities.