Alameda Crime Activity

In an effort to share crime data in a timely fashion, Crime Mapping, the Daily Activity Log, reported hate crimes, and additional annual crime statistics are available online. 

To see Alameda's reported crimes over the last six months visit Crime Mapping.

Crime Mapping 

The Daily Activity Log represents an ongoing effort to share crime data with the community in a timely manner. The information provided is based on what was initially reported to field officers. Therefore, the information may change as we investigate the facts and circumstances.

We have excluded confidential and sensitive information such as sexual assaults, child abuse, and domestic violence. This information is being provided as a courtesy to the public and complies with the California Public Records Act and Government Code Section 6254 (f)(1) and 6254 (f) (2).

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The Alameda Police Department engages with our community through professional, fair, compassionate, and dedicated law enforcement with integrity and respect. Annual crime statistics within the City of Alameda can be viewed by visiting our Crime Statistics page.

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Dedicated to providing professional, fair, and compassionate services to residents, businesses, and visitors of Alameda, the Alameda Police Department takes pride in keeping the community safe through calls for service and traffic enforcement. Arrest and traffic statistics within the City of Alameda can be viewed by visiting our Arrest and Traffic Data page.

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Hate Crime Policy(PDF, 15KB)

Automated License Plate Readers(PDF, 19KB)

Investigation of Immigration Violations(PDF, 21KB)

Hate Crimes Reported Between 2010-2018

Date Case Number Type Crimes Disposition
7/21/2018  18-3866 Racial Battery Suspended
4/13/2018  18-1954 Sexual Orientation Vandalism Suspended
3/16/2018  18-1452 Religion Vandalism Arrested
3/11/2018  18-1360 Religion Vandalism Suspended
2/21/2018  18-1023 Religion Vandalism Suspended
12/23/2017 17-7390 Protected Class Vandalism Suspended
11/19/2017 17-6675 Sexual Orientation Criminal Threats

DA's Office

10/27/2017 17-6197 Racial Battery DA's Office
9/24/2017 17-5429 Sexual Orientation

Disturbance of the Peace

DA's Office
9/19/2017 17-5323 Battery Arrested
9/9/2017 17-5130 Religion Disturbance of the Peace Suspended
9/5/2017 17-5050 Racial Trespassing on School Suspended
9/4/2017   17-5032 Racial Vandalism to Park Suspended
8/29/2017 17-4921 Racial Criminal Threats DA's Office
8/17/2017 17-4663 Religion Vandalism to Synagogue Suspended
11/12/2016  16-6088 Racial Vandalism to School Suspended
10/9/2016 16-5424 Racial Robbery and Vandalism Arrested
4/21/2016 16-2076 Racial Battery DA's Office
9/13/2015 15-4914 Racial Battery Suspended
3/23/2015 15-1566 Religion Vandalism to home Suspended
5/3/2014 14-2461 Racial Criminal Threats Arrested
4/30/2014 14-2387 Racial Vandalism to Vehicle Suspended
3/17/2014 14-1525 Religion/Sexual Orientation Felony Battery Arrested
11/10/2013  13-6190 Religion Vandalism to Vehicle Suspended
2/25/2013 13-1038 Sexual Orientation Vandalism to home Suspended
10/17/2011 Nov-38 Religion Vandalism to Church Arrested
3/15/2010  10-1708 Religion Vandalism to Mosque Suspended
2/2/2010 10-732 Racial Disturbance of the Peace

 DA's Office