Homelessness Initiatives and Efforts


The City of Alameda and its community partners are committed to addressing homelessness in our island city. The City coordinates the CARES team whose members provide outreach and programs to support homeless individuals and families in Alameda.

In January 2019, 231 individuals in the City of Alameda were identified during the Countywide Point-In-Time Count(PDF, 2MB) of individuals experiencing homelessness.

In 2017, Alameda Housing Authority and the City of Alameda’s Social Service Human Relations Board authored the Alameda Homelessness Report(PDF, 3MB), which was approved by the City Council in March 2018.  The report:
1.  examines the state of homelessness in Alameda,
2.  identifies gaps in services,
3.  explores best practices and evidence-based programs tested in other areas,
4.  and provides recommendations for what might be possible to implement in the City.

The City’s CARES Team (Collaboration Advancing Research, Efforts, and Supports for Alameda’s Homeless) is the City-lead consortium working to address the issue of homelessness in Alameda.

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The City of Alameda, in partnership with local non-profit agencies and community and faith-based organizations, provides a range of services to our unhoused community.  

The programs are under the supervision of the City’s CARES Team (Collaboration Advancing Research, Efforts, and Supports for Alameda’s Homeless), an interdepartmental and interagency consortium working to address the issue of homelessness in Alameda.   

The best way to connect with any of the services or programs listed below is to call the Alameda Homeless Hotline at 510-522-HOME (4663) Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. For evenings or weekends, call 2-1-1 to access resources county-wide. 

Temporary Shelter

These programs supplement temporary and permanent housing options offered by non-profit agencies in Alameda, including Midway Shelter, Alameda Point Collaborative and Bessie Coleman Court.

Warming Shelter

Provides a warm, safe, and welcoming place to shelter on cold and rainy nights during the winter season. Outreach and volunteer-prepared meals available onsite. Limited services available during the pandemic.

Alameda Day Center

Connects clients to housing, health, mental health, substance use, and social services and supports. Offers classes, meals, well checks, showers, and enrichment activities. A safe and welcoming place for clients to relax and participate in programs. Open M-F 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please click here(PDF, 469KB) to download more information.

Safe Parking Program

Provides a safe and welcoming space for people living in cars or vans to park at night. Bathrooms/washing facilities available. Outreach workers and housing navigators available to connect clients to services. Open M-F, 7 p.m.- 7 a.m. Please click here(PDF, 469KB) to download more information.

Safe Shelter Program/ FEMA Trailers

Provides shelter for elderly and medically-compromised individuals at-risk for COVID-19 using the four FEMA trailers from the State. Allows residents to shelter in place during the pandemic. Meals, health, and social services provided.

Food Assistance

Dine and Connect

Meal program provided at four church sites every Monday 4-6 p.m. Onsite outreach provided by Building Futures and Operation Dignity to connect unhoused guests to health, housing, social services, and resources.

  • First Monday of each month at Twin Towers United Methodist Church, 2259 Central Ave Alameda, CA
  • Second Monday of each month at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1323 Central Ave Alameda, CA
  • Third Monday of each month at First Congregational Church, 1912 Central Ave Alameda, CA
  • Last Monday of each month at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1420 Lafayette St. Alameda, CA 

Feed Alameda

In partnership with Dine and Connect churches, restaurant-prepared meals served every Wednesday to unhoused Alamedans. Supports restaurants impacted by the pandemic while providing hot, nourishing meals to people experiencing homelessness. Available from January to August 2021 or until funds run out.  Please click here for more information.

Emergency Assistance

Flexible Account for Homeless Individuals

Provides one-time emergency financial assistance of up to $750 to individuals and families experiencing homelessness

Flexible Account for People At-Risk of Becoming Homeless

Prevents at-risk individuals and families from becoming homeless by providing one-time emergency financial assistance of up to $750. Funds may be used to assist with rent, utility bills, car repairs, medical bills, traffic tickets, document application, emergency motel stays, etc.

Rental Assistance and Subsidies

Provides emergency rent relief, move-in deposits and fees, and other necessities to prevent individuals and families from losing their home or to secure housing. Also covers emergency motel stays. Assists clients with financial management planning.

Health and Hygiene

Mobile Hygiene Program

Provides mobile hygiene services that includes showers and laundry. Conducts assessment and connects clients to services.

Shelter Health

Provides urgent care, care coordination, and linkages and referral to community resources for Alameda’s unhoused. The Clinic is available at the Dine and Connect meal service at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Mobile Shower

Provides shower and hygiene services at the Day Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also conducts outreach and links clients to health and supportive services.

Shower Program Onsite

Provides weekly shower services run by community volunteers offered onsite at Christ Episcopal Church. Donated clothing also available. Opening in February 2021.

Street Health

Seeks to address the health disparities experienced by homeless residents of Alameda County. Provides access to care from multi-disciplinary teams through regularly scheduled outreach services offered to unsheltered people to build relationships that lead to long-term health through connections to primary care, social services, housing, mental health, dental care, and other resources.

Outreach, Case Management and Support Groups

Mobile Outreach

Establishes supportive relationships with homeless individuals through visits by Outreach Workers and offering services to end homelessness. Services are delivered at sites and spaces where people experiencing homelessness are located, including encampments, parking lots, bridge underpass, tunnel entrances, parks, sidewalks, FEMA trailer site, etc.

Intensive Case Management

A comprehensive, collaborative, and person-centered approach to support Alameda's most chronically homeless individuals with complex and co-occurring medical and psychosocial needs.

De-Escalation Training

De-escalation trainings focused on communication and safety for local businesses, staff, providers, and the community.

"You Are Not Alone" Support Group

Provides a safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive group conversation with families who have unhoused loved ones with mental illness and/or substance use challenges

Please click here to learn about ways that community members can help our unhoused neighbors.

Are you or someone you know currently homeless, at risk of becoming homeless?
Call the Alameda Homeless Hotline at 510-522-HOME (4663) Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
For evenings or weekends, call 2-1-1 to access resources county-wide.

 Staff at these numbers have the most in-depth knowledge of available resources, shelter locations, and available housing applications.

  Are you experiencing domestic violence or need help?

Contact Building Futures at 866-A-WAY-OUT


Other organizations serving the Alameda community include:
Alameda Food Bank – Phone: (510) 523-5850
Mastic Senior Center – Phone: (510) 747-7500 
Alameda Unified School District – McKinney Vento Coordinator – Phone: (510) 337-7102 
Alameda Rent Program – Phone: (510) 747-4346

On April 8, 2021, the City presented "Unsheltered in Alameda: Learn More + How to Help." This 90-minute Zoom presentation and panel discussion offered information about the causes and challenges related to homelessness in Alameda, current services and programs offered by the City, and ways the Alameda community can get involved.