Christopher Marks, Division Chief, B Shift

Marks, C Head Shot .jpg

Chief Marks joined the Alameda Fire Department as a Firefighter on August 3, 1998. Prior to serving in Alameda, Chief Marks had 3 years of service with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, serving Fresno County. He was one of the first Paramedics hired in the city to provide advanced life support to the citizens. Chief Marks promoted to the rank of Captain in 2008.  As a Captain, he served as the Fire Department Training Officer, wildland program manager, technical rescue trainer, fire boat/rescue boat operator and trainer. Chief Marks was promoted to the rank of Division Chief in February of 2018. Chief Marks is assigned to the Operations Division. Chief Marks also oversees the Fire Department’s facilities. 

Chief Marks is a certified Fire Officer, Training Officer, Licensed Paramedic of over 20 years, and completed all level 3 Chief Fire Officer courses working towards his Chief Officer Certification.