Willie Stargell Complete Street Project

Image of Willie Stargell

The Willie Stargell Avenue Complete Street project will construct improvements between Main and Fifth Streets.  The project will build separate walking and bicycling paths in the vacant right-of-way north of the roadway, plus make intersection safety and access improvements at the crossings at either end of the project and at the internal crossings. The project will also include transit queue jump lanes at either end of the project. The project will likely be built in phases.

The City applied for grant funding for this project in 2016 unsuccessfully, to two different grant funding sources. In 2020, the City is applying to the state and regional Active Transportation Program grant program for the walking and biking portions of the project only.

Staff are still gathering community input on this project. At this time, the project is expected to include:

  •  Construction of separate walking and bicycling paths in the un-used, city-owned, right of way to the north of Stargell Avenue.
  • Seamless connections to and through the Stargell Avenue/Main Street and Stargell/Fifth Street intersections, with intersection upgrades.

  • A seamless connection to the existing pathway at Bette Street.

  • Improved crossings at Mosely Avenue and Coral Sea Street.

  • Transit improvements such as bus queue jump lanes at Main and Fifth Streets for eastbound buses.

Schedule will be determined once the City has funding to complete the project.

To have your name added to the outreach mailing list, please contact the Project Manager:

Rochelle Wheeler, Senior Transportation Coordinator, rwheeler@alamedaCA.gov.