Willie Stargell Complete Street Project

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Let us know what safety, bicycling and pedestrian improvements are needed on the Stargell corridor!

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The Willie Stargell Avenue Complete Street project will construct improvements between Main and Fifth Streets.  The project will build separate walking and bicycling paths in the vacant right-of-way north of the roadway, add traffic calming features to slow traffic, and make intersection safety and access improvements at the crossings at either end of the project and at the internal crossings.

The City applied for grant funding for this project in 2016 unsuccessfully, to two different grant funding sources. In 2020, the City initiated the process of applying for state funds, but that was put on hold. In 2022, the City applied to the state and regional Active Transportation Program Cycle 6 grant program, but was unsuccessful. In 2024, the City will apply again for Active Transportation Program funding, in Cycle 7.

Staff are continuously gathering community input on this project. At this time, the project is expected to include:

  • Construction of separate walking and bicycling paths in the un-used, city-owned, right of way to the north of Stargell Ave
  • Traffic calming features to slow the speeding traffic along Stargell Ave

  • Seamless connections to and through the Stargell Ave/Main St and Stargell/Fifth St intersections, with intersection upgrades

  • A seamless connection to the existing pathway at Bette St

  • Safety improvements at crossings at Mosely Ave and Coral Sea St

City is still seeking funding for this project. Schedule will be determined once the City has funding to complete the project.

2016: Applied for project funding in TIGER grant. Unsuccessful.

2020: Considered applying for Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 5 funding, developed concept plan and began outreach. Determined not to apply, given lack of matching funds and grant funding priorities.

April 2022: Council accepted 2022 Grant Priorities list, which included Stargell project, as part of the Annual Transportation Report.

June 2022: City applied for state and regional ATP Cycle 6 grant funding, but was unsuccessful.

June 2024: City will apply for state and regional ATP Cycle 7 grant funding, at the encouragement of grant fundors.



First Community Workshop: Provide input on what safety, bicycling and pedestrian improvements are needed on the Stargell corridor.

Thursday, May 12, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (virtual)

Presentation(PDF, 890KB)