COVID-19: Get Around Safe

Alameda COVID-19 Get Around Safe Pledge

Play your role in keeping Alameda safe and healthy! Take this pledge and you can choose to get your name on the pledge list and/or receive an Alameda Safe Driver window slick.

Now is an important moment to make a conscious choice to get around carefully: COVID-19 is changing the way we get around and adding new potential dangers to everyday movements. But we can keep each other safer by making smart decisions when we drive, walk, bike, and take transit. This is especially important now because:

  • Traffic patterns are changing in unpredictable ways;
  • More people are walking and biking for fresh air, exercise, and transit;
  • People walking sometimes step into the street in order to preserve physical distancing;
  • Some of the people biking are children and adults who are new or out of practice riding in the streets;
  • We now have Alameda Slow Streets where motor vehicle through-traffic is prohibited in order to open more space for people to walk and bike while maintaining physical distance;
  • Masks and physical distancing are imperative to slowing the spread of COVID-19; and
  • Hospitals need to focus on caring for people with COVID-19, not people injured in traffic collisions.

CLICK HERE to take the Alameda COVID-19 Get Around Safe Pledge

Get Around Safe Pledge List (listed in order of receipt, with personal pledges in quotes)

1. John Knox White, Vice Mayor, City of Alameda: "I pledge to look out for all our community, to stand up for all voices and center those less frequently heard."

2. Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Mayor, City of Alameda

3. Anonymous: "I pledge to use turn signals"

4. Laurie Kozisek, City of Alameda

5. Deb Knowles

6. Anonymous: “I pledge to make sure my entire family follows the rules and social distances.”

7. Blanche Kim

8. Madlen Saddik, President & CEO, Alameda Chamber of Commerce

9. Dave Johnson, Transportation Commissioner

10. Christy Cannon: “I pledge to be sure my friends are doing the same!”

11. Becca Perata

12. John Platt: "I will remember that we all are stressed in these difficult times and try and be kind and respectful to my neighbors."

13. Jillian Northrup: "I pledge to be kind to all! And only go out when necessary."

14. Anonymous: "I pledge to bike more often!"

15. Michael John Torrey, C.E.R.T.: "I Pledge To Encourage Friends & Family Members To Do The Same."

16. Lauren Eisele, Eisele Consulting Services

17. Anonymous

18. Kira Foster: “I pledge to maintain as much patience and good humor as humanly possible!”

19. Paul Medved, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit: “I pledge to drive an all-electric vehicle when I need to drive!”

20. Malia Vella, Councilmember, City of Alameda

21. Kathleen Cavanagh

22. Susan McKee: “I pledge to show respect for other people by wearing a mask when outside my house and around other people.”

23. Janice lynn Mason, Janice Mason: “I pledge to wear a mask at all times in public and urge everyone to follow this rule.  In the nicest possible way.”

24. Susan Battersby

25. Jeanne Lahaie, Senior Advocates: "I pledge to honor the lives of my black and brown brothers and sisters."

26. Don Musso, Musso Family: "I pledge for my grandfather Lorenzo Pedemonte who died from the Spanish Flu in 1918 here in Alameda when my mother was only 3 years old."

27. Leah Roderman: "I pledge to say hi to people! Yield the sidewalk to elders, caregivers with strollers and/or small children, and individuals with visible physical disabilities that may limit their mobility."

28. Benjamin James: "I pledge to speak up politely when I see others walking on narrow crowded paths without a mask."

29. Kathleen Macy

30. Robert John Macy

31. Patricia Potter

32. Ryan Chan

33. Joyce Mercado, Bike Walk Alameda

34. Tim B, Bike Walk Alameda

35. Cyndy Johnsen

36. Kirk Knight

37. Christina: "I pledge to physically distance, not socially distance. I will make eye contact with passer-buyers and say hello from a safe distance."

38. Martha Stebbins

39. Ingrid E. Hamiltom

40. Jill Marshal: "I will keep my community in mind whenever I go out and seek to keep us all safe"

41. Jono: "I will respect my neighbors and neighborhood whether and when I see them. I will also not set off fireworks now or ever."

42. Megan Denhard: "I pledge to keep my family and friends and community safe."

43. Emily Ross-Brown: "I pledge to carry a spare mask in a ziplock bag that I can offer someone if they don't have one."

44. Jerrell Stewart

45. Anonymous

46. Brittany Gentile

47. Anonymous

48. C. Ganser

49. Laura Tully

50. Ashley Simmons: "I pledge to wash my hands before going out to protect others."

51. Stephanie Warren

52. Anonymous

53. Jean Walsh, Advocate

54. Rochelle A Reed

55. Joel Villamil

56. John Rogers: "I pledge to to care for fellow human beings."

57. Joanne Robinson, Kiwanis Club

58. Camilo Landau

59. Gayle Thomas

60. Anonymous

61. Samantha Raddatz

62. Anonymous

63. Antoinette Nascimento, amnArchitecture: "I pledge to complain to management directly when encountering COVID 19 lawbreakers I.e. face masks off while in enclosed areas."

64. Ellen C Bradley: "I pledge to suggest other Safe Streets and adhere to the rules!"

65. Fabian Herrera

66. Meredith Owens

67. Anne T Swart

68. Johanna Paillet Grow

69. Kathleen Messer

70. Mariaelena Quale: "I pledge to share this information with my family and ask them to also ledge to get around Alameda safely."

71. Anonymous

72. Cameron Holland: "I pledge to walk or bike whenever possible to reduce car traffic on the island and improve my health and the health of my family."

73. Katie McKinnon: "I pledge to stay home as much as possible. Make masks. Order to-go and not indulge in outdoor dining."

74. Dayna Archibald, ARPD

75. Dawna Dowdell-Dos Santos

76. Meredith Owens

77. Ruth Abbe, Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda

78. Alysha Nachtigall

80. Anonymous

81. Ydelise Valencia

82. Anonymous

83. Adam Leary: "I pledge to support our essential workers long after the pandemic is over."

84. Anonymous

85. Danielle Mieler