Request an Online Collision Report

The online CarFax collision report service is only available to obtain copies of collision reports approved and processed by the City of Alameda Police Department. To obtain reports unrelated to collisions please contact the records department, (510) 337-8411.


Step 1.Verify your eligibility to obtain an online collision report

  • Collision reports are eligible for viewing 7-10 business days after the incident occurred.
  • Requesting party must be the driver or a listed party in the collision report. Unaffiliated parties will not be authorized to obtain reports. 

Step 2.Gather your information

You’ll need to provide the following to complete your online collision report request:

  • Last name of driver or a party listed within the report
  • Report number - When imputing the report number replace dash (-) with a 0. Example; 20-01234 imputed as 20001234
  • Date of incident
  • $13.00 processing fee

Step 3.Request your collision report

 Request an Online Collision Report

Step 4.Receive your report

The collision report will be available for viewing immediately upon completion of the online form and submission of the processing fee.