Retrieve a Towed Vehicle

If your vehicle has been towed by the City, the following steps are required for the release of a vehicle. 

in person

Step 1.Gather your documents

  • Valid drivers license of the vehicle's registered owner(s)
  • Proof of vehicle's valid insurance
  • Verify vehicle registration is current

If your vehicle has an expired registration, all fees must be paid to DMV before a vehicle release can be issued.

Step 2.Pay vehicle release 

Once these requirements have been met, you will then have to pay a $150 release fee at the Alameda Police Department, 1555 Oak St. 

Step 3.Claim vehicle in person

  • Contact Auto Plus Towing at (510) 261-8199 to determine which location your vehicle is being stored at. 
    Auto Plus Towing's main offices are located at 733 Kevin Court, Oakland, 94621 (not all vehicles are stored at this location) 
  • Present vehicle release to the tow company
  • Pay any additional daily storage and towing fees set by Auto Plus Towing. There may be additional fees if your vehicle requires indoor storage or if you claim your vehicle after 5 p.m. or on a weekend.

Step 4.30-Day Impounds

If your vehicle was impounded for 30 days because the driver has a suspended/revoked driver’s license (or was never issued a drivers license) and you wish to get it out before the 30 days has passed: You can come to the Alameda Police Department on Tuesdays and Thursdays (excluding holidays) at 2 p.m. for a tow hearing.

This is a first come – first served appointment. You will meet with the hearing officer and discuss options. To be eligible for early release, all steps noted in section one must be met.