Business Associations & Improvement Areas


Alameda is home to a number of active and supportive business organizations, which can provide you with valuable local context, business connections, and assistance with marketing your business to the Alameda community.

Business Association

Alameda Chamber of Commerce. The Alameda Chamber works to promote a strong local economy; represents and advocates on behalf of business; provides opportunities to build relationships; and delivers programs to help business grow.

Business Improvement Areas

  • Downtown Alameda Business Association. The Downtown Alameda Business Association, or DABA, serves as a support network and advocate for businesses operating in the Historic Park Street Business Improvement Area.
  • West Alameda Business Association.  The West Alameda Business Association, or WABA, is dedicated to supporting and promoting local businesses in West Alameda.

Business Improvement Areas are a type of assessment district used extensively throughout California. In Alameda, there are two BIAs, both formed in the 1990s -- one on the east end of town (Downtown Alameda Business Association), and one on the west end (West Alameda Business Association).

Each BIA area has a business association with an executive director and board that strive to promote a healthy retail/service climate as well as a district that is aesthetically pleasing and clean. Every year, the City Council re-adopts the BIAs and sets the levies (the percentage of retail sales that become "dues" for members).