Estuary Water Shuttle

A new Estuary crossing

A new water shuttle pilot service is coming in Summer 2024! It's being planned and funded by a partnership of public and private organizations and agencies, including the City of Alameda. It will start as a limited, two-year service, with the opportunity to grow over time. Initially the water shuttle will travel between the foot of Fifth Street in Alameda and the foot of Broadway in Oakland.  

The service will:

  • Be free!
  • Be ADA-accessible
  • Accommodate bicycles easily
  • Operate 4-5 days per week, for 7-12 hours per day, depending on funding and season

Map of Proposed Water Shuttle service (click on map for a wider image):

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Partnership + Funding

This new water shuttle service is being developed and supported by a growing team of agencies and organizations, including the City of Alameda, Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), Jack London Square Property Management Company (CIM Group), Jack London Improvement District, Blue Rise Ventures (the owners of the Marina Village Business and Research Park), Alameda Transportation Management Association, West Alameda Transportation Management Association and the City of Oakland. 

As of late 2023, financial and in-kind support for this free service is coming from:

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Aerial view of estuary looking west


We're working hard to start the two-year pilot in Summer 2024! Many details are still being worked out, but we do know that the service will:

  • Be free!
  • Accommodate bicycles easily 
  • Be ADA-accessible
  • Operate 4-5 days per week, for 7-12 hours per day, depending on funding and season
  • Operate at least one weekend day

More to come in Spring 2024!

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Planning Background

The need for an easy way to connect Oakland and Alameda across the Oakland Estuary has existed for many years. In the early 2000s, the Alameda Oakland Bike Ferry service operated for several years (see newsletter insert below). 

In 2009, the City developed a comprehensive Estuary Crossing Final Feasibility Study Report(PDF, 6MB) to analyze and evaluate all of the potential strategies for crossing the Estuary either by foot, bike or transit. Seventeen (17) different crossing options were studied, including a gondola, different bridge types, Posey/Webster Tubes enhancements, water shuttle services and a new transit tube. Solutions for the near-, mid-, and long-term were explored. The top recommended, mid-term option was determined to be a water shuttle service.

Since then, the City has been working to create a partnership to fund and operate a free public water shuttle service for Alameda and Oakland, and recently the pieces for this shuttle service have come together, with a high level of private sector interest and tentative financial commitments of up to 75% of operations funding. WETA has also agreed to administer a pilot program, which would be operated by WETA or a contractor to WETA. Cost estimates are being developed, but the tentative projected operating costs for a five-day service of 9-12 hours per day is estimated to be between $1.5 million to $2.0 million annually.


Newsletter clipping about previous water taxi in 2004