Special Event Permit

Welcome, we are happy you have chosen to plan an event in the City of Alameda. This page includes everything you need to apply for a special event permit. 

Do I need a special event permit?

In Alameda, special event permits include permits for street fairs, races, block parties and other events, as well as permits for specific activities, such as filming, charitable solicitation, street banners, and bingo. The following activities require special event permits:

  • Events that are held in the public right of way (i.e. on a public street, sidewalk, alley or other right of way)
  • Events held on private property that significantly impact the public right-of-way through increased traffic or other direct or indirect means.
  • Events held in city-owned parks or facilities with more than 500 attendees
  • Events held on public or City-owned property at Alameda Point
  • Bingo games
  • Charitable solicitations
  • Commercial filming or photography in the public right-of-way
  • Banners in the public right-of-way
  • Food trucks on public or private property


Event or Activity Description

Use this Application

Residential Block Parties

Block Party Permit Application

Fairs, races, concerts and other special events with any of the following:

High Impact Special Event Permit Application(PDF, 4MB)

Fairs, races, concerts and other special events with all of the following:

  • Fewer than 500 people,
  • 1 day or less,
  • No road or sidewalk closure
  • For residential block parties, use Block Party Permit

Low Impact Special Event Permit Application(PDF, 3MB)

Events at Alameda Point

Use High or Low Impact Special Event Permit Application (see links above) based on event characteristics, and review the Alameda Point Special Event Guidelines(PDF, 672KB)  for additional information, fees and requirements.

Events in City-owned parks or facilities

More than 500 people: High Impact Special Event Permit Application (see link above)

Fewer than 500 people: Rental Agreement with Recreation and Parks Department

Tents on private property 

If the event does not otherwise require a special event permit, use the Tent or Canopy Permit application(PDF, 3MB).

If the event requires a special event permit, use one of the permit applications above (the tent permit is included in these applications)

Charitable Solicitations

Charitable Solicitation Permit Application

Commercial Filming/Photography

Filming/Photography Permit Application(PDF, 1MB)

Street Banners

(at Central/Oak, 1500 blk of Park Street, Lincoln/Webster)

Street Banner Permit Application

Bingo Game

Bingo Permit Application

Food Truck

Contact permits@alamedaca.gov

Application Fees

Block Party Permit

$26 + admin fees

Low Impact Permit Fee


Fee is waived for non-profit events

High Impact Permit Fee


Fee is waived for non-profit events

Application fees for events that are very large or have unusual elements may exceed $750.

Alameda Point Events

$750 + Licensing Fee and refundable Security Deposit (varies based on location)

Charitable Solicitation Permit


Fee is waived for non-profit events

Filming/Photography Permit


Fee is waived for non-profit events

Street Banner Permit


Bingo Permit


Food Truck



Some events will require City services.  Please see the permit applications for more details on when and how these apply.

Service Fees

Police Lieutenant


Police Sergeant


Police Officer


Building Inspector


Fire Re-inspection, if needed

Cost may be higher if after-hours inspection needed

$236 /hour


Public Works Inspector

$202 /hour



Fees for support from additional departments may apply on an as-needed basis.

Deadlines for each type of application are listed below.  Please note that the City reserves the right to deny any application submitted after the deadlines listed below.

Note: Business days as stated below refer to City Hall business days (Monday-Thursday). City Hall is closed on Fridays, and a typical City Hall calendar week includes 4 business days. The City also observes most federal holidays.

Application Type

Deadline (days before event)

Block Party Permit

16 business days

Low Impact Permit

16 business days

High Impact Permit

48 business days

All High Impact events which have not been held in the City of Alameda before, and all events at Alameda Point

6 months

Charitable Solicitation Permit

5 business days

Filming/Photography Permit

10 to 14 business days

Street Banner Permit

5 business days

Bingo Permit

5 business days

Food Truck

5 business days

  1. Submit special event permit application and fee.
  2. City staff screens initial applications.
  3. City issues conditions and requests additional documentation from organizer.
  4. For high impact events, event organizer meets with City of Alameda Special Events Committee to determine detailed arrangements, missing documentation, etc.
  5. Organizer agrees with conditions, submits any additional documents, and takes all other necessary actions as required by City.
  6. City issues special event permit.
  7. Event occurs.
  8. City issues and organizer pays invoice for additional permit costs, if applicable.

Note: Submission of a special event permit application does not guarantee approval of event or issuance of permit.  The City reserves the right to reject special events requests due to space availability, limited resources, impact to community, and/or other reasons.


Tents, with or without sides, larger than 400 sq. ft. require a tent permit.  If your event requires a special event permit, the tent permit is included in that process.

If you have tents, with our without sides, larger 400 sq. ft, but your event is on private property or otherwise does not require a special event permit, you must apply separately for a tent permit. Click here for the standalone tent permit application.(PDF, 3MB)

Stages, bleachers and grandstands may require additional review and documentation.

Tent Permit Documents + Guidelines

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