Bureau of Support Services

Cap-Emmitt.jpeg Under the command of Captain Jeffery Emmitt, the Police Department’s Bureau of Support Services is responsible for Technical Services, Administrative Services, and Investigations.

Technical Services provides the residents of Alameda an interface with the police department whether you contact us by phone, in person, via mail, email, or any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Nixle). Technical services may have your property, a copy of a crime report, or may be able to provide specific data relative to your neighborhood or work area.

Hours of Operation 

Monday - Friday
10 a.m - 4 p.m.

Records personnel respond to requests for copies of police reports and other official documents received from private citizens, insurance companies, and public agencies.


Hours of Operation 

Monday - Thursday
10 a.m - 4 p.m.


The Alameda Police Department’s Property and Evidence Bureau is responsible for all items that are collected as evidence or seized property.  When property is collected or turned it, the item is inventoried and categorized using a bar-code system that is similar to those found in grocery stores.  Once collected, the item is secured and tracked until such time the item is needed for court, is returned to the rightful owner, or is destroyed. 

Property Crimes Unit 

The Alameda Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit handles a wide range of criminal investigations involving property, such as burglary, grand theft, auto theft, arson, fraud, and high tech computer crimes.

Cases are assigned to individual officers to determine if there is sufficient evidence to lead to arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of a suspect. The Property Crimes Unit also performs tactical analysis to identify crime patterns that can help to apprehend suspects and prevent and/or reduce crime. Alameda residents are our best eyes and ears and often help in solving these crimes.

Violent Crimes Unit

The Violent Crimes Unit is responsible for the follow-up investigations of the following crimes and/or incidents:

  • Homicides
  • Other unnatural deaths
  • Officer involved shootings 
  • Kidnappings 
  • Rapes and other felony sexual assault crimes 
  • Robberies 
  • Felony assaults, including domestic violence 
  • Missing persons 
  • Hate crimes 
  • Felony weapons violations 
  • Felony fugitives 
  • Extortion 
  • Bribery

Community Resource Unit 

The Community Resource Unit is responsible for monitoring the activities of sex and arson registrants, parolees, and probationers within the City of Alameda, and maintaining relative records. If you need to register, please contact Officer Michael Tangataevaha for an appointment at (510)-337-8325 or mtangataevaha@alamedaca.gov

Dance and massage permits are routed through the Community Resource Unit for review and approval. If you need to register or file for one of these permits, please contact Sgt. Kevin Horikoshi at (510) 337-8338.


The Alameda Police Department Traffic Section strives to keep our community’s roadways safe for all motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The Traffic Section provides daily traffic enforcement of the roadways within the City of Alameda and is responsible for investigating all serious injury and fatal collisions.

Traffic Section Team

The Traffic Section consists of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, five Collision Investigators, three Motor Officers, five Parking Technicians, and one Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Technician.

Towed Vehicle Information

Police Officers and Parking Technicians routinely tow vehicles for a number of different reasons. Vehicles may be towed for the following:

  • The driver has either no drivers license or a suspended drivers license
  • A vehicle sustains major damage as a result of a collision
  • The vehicle is blocking a driveway
  • A vehicle is a hazard in a roadway Registration on the vehicle is expired over six months
  • The vehicle has more than five unpaid parking citations
  • A vehicle is left parked in the roadway during restricted times

The Department contracts with S & F Towing. If you are the owner of a vehicle towed by S & F Towing and you wish to claim it please visit our Towed Vehicles page.

Retrieve a Towed Vehicle

Free Car Seat Inspections and Installations

The Alameda Police Department is committed to the safety of our children. Children involved in motor vehicle collisions run a great risk of death or serious injury. A properly installed child safety seat can greatly reduce these factors. California law states each child MUST be properly restrained in a child safety seat, booster seat, or other restraint systems in the back seat, until the child is 8 years old OR at least 4'9" in height.

We offer free child safety seat inspections and installations conducted by our Car Seat Inspections Specialist, Bob Rollins. Weekday inspections/installations are by appointment only, please contact Bob Rollins, 510-337-8590, to schedule an appointment. Weekend inspections/installation are also available at select times during the year without an appointment.


Effective May 23, 2022, the City of Alameda parking enforcement is managed by Alameda's Public Works Department.  

The Alameda Police Department's two parking technicians are responsible for addressing parking violations that require towing. All other parking violations that do not require towing - street sweeping, timed parking, metered parking, red zone violations, etc. - are the responsibility of the Public Works Department. 

Parking Enforcement  Program


 Picture of an abandoned vehicle being towed from the street

Reasons to mark a vehicle abandoned

A vehicle can be marked abandoned for two reasons: The Alameda Police Department receives a call reporting the vehicle as abandoned or stored on the street longer than 72 hours, or if an Officer observes the vehicle as such.

Officers look for the following criteria when marking a vehicle: cobwebs, leaves, debris around the tires, debris on the vehicle, dirt, low tires, and missing and/or broken vehicle parts. Even if a vehicle is parked in front of the owner’s residence, registered and insured, the vehicle can still be considered abandoned or stored if it’s been parked in excess of 72 hours without being driven.

The Alameda Police Department will place an orange courtesy notice on the vehicle that explains the Alameda Municipal Code section. In most cases, the owner will be given 72 hours to either remove the vehicle from the street or drive it a minimum of one mile. The marking officer will return no sooner than 3 days to determine if the owner has complied.

If at the time, the vehicle has not been driven or moved, it will be towed and cited. The vehicle cannot be moved a few feet or across the street just to avoid the tow. The vehicle must be completely removed or actually driven for the officer to determine that it’s not just being stored on the street. The odometer will be checked and tires marked for proof of compliance.

Release of a towed vehicle

 If you would like to claim a towed or impounded vehicle, please click below.

Towed/Impounded Vehicles

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

If you would like to report an abandoned or stored vehicle on a public street with the qualifying criteria of cobwebs, leaves, debris around the tires, debris on the vehicle, dirt, low tires, and/or missing and/or broken vehicle parts or if the vehicle has failed to move for more than 72 hours you may call the non-emergency number at (510) 337-8340.