Lincoln Park

Harrison Center

Established in 1908
Lincoln Park is located on High Street at Santa Clara Avenue.  The swimming pool at Lincoln Park is managed by the Alameda Swimming Pool Association.


Pickleball Courts

Photo taken by Brian Pierce

In Spring 2017, the courts were resurfaced for the game of Pickleball and are locked to protect them from other uses.  To open the lock on the Pickleball Courts (on the bocce court-side), use the code "RIDER".

Updated September 2019:  A new gate has been added to the Pickleball Courts at Lincoln Park.  To open this gate, enter 074337* and wait for about one second until a green light illuminates.  Then turn the handle and open.  If you wait too long to turn and open (about 3 seconds), it will "time out" and you will have to repeat the process.  Please note that this is in addition to the existing lock code at the gate nearest to the Bocce Courts.  That code remains "RIDER".

For assistance or addition information regarding the Pickleball Courts, contact Ed Kallas, Recreation Supervisor I, at (510) 747-7511 or email him at



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